Industrial Magnets

Low cost. High quality. Fast delivery.Industrial Magnets

Pacific Century specializes in supplying magnets for electrical, electronic, automotive, engineering, research, therapeutic, and a host of industrial applications. We have a large inventory of ready-to-use industrial magnets in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

When your design criteria calls for high quality and low prices, let our engineering staff recommend the proper magnet for you. Technical and design assistance and samples are available to appropriate customers. All types of magnet assemblies and value added works are available.

We also supply gold and silver-plated jewelry magnets and "pin-less" name tag holders.

  • Samarium - Cobalt (Sm-Co)

  • Aluminum - Nickel - Cobalt (Alnico)

  • Neodymium - Iron - Boron (Nd-Fe-B)

  • Ceramic Magnets / Ferrite Magnets

  • Flexible Magnets / Rubber Magnets

  • Bonded Ferrite & Neodymium Magnets